Super Safari Online Slot Rating and reviews

The slot game Super Safari, developed by NextGen, is a lot of fun. You will see that the developer took the animal motif and presented it in a different way than it was originally intended. You will see that the animals are given human characteristics, as if they were humans, and that they face genuine challenges. You can see the wilderness and two grazing giraffes in the backdrop while the reels themselves are see-through and are separated by slender, leafy branches of the same color. On the reels, however, you will observe a wide variety of creatures staring at you in strange, humorous, or solemn expressions.

How to Play the Online Slot Machine Super Safari

As was said at the beginning of this paragraph, the mobile version of the online slot machine known as Super Safari is accessible through mobile devices. You are able to load the game no matter where you are as long as you have a reliable internet connection and a web browser. The Super Safari slot machine will operate flawlessly on any device, including your mobile phone, personal computer, tablet, or laptop, and this is especially true when it is played at a well regarded online casino.

As soon as you have finished getting a good chuckle from staring at the symbols and the reels, glance to the right of the reels, and you will notice a massive button labeled “Spin.” You may change the coin value and the amount of paylines you play with by pressing the settings button, which is located just above it. You’ll need to touch this button in order to begin the game. The bet configuration window is where you’ll find the sliders for each of these options. You will be presented with the first slider, which will notify you that the paylines are not predetermined and that you may activate anywhere from one to twenty-five of them. You will be required to use one coin for each active line. The value of each coin ranges from 0.01 credit to 2.5 credits; hence, the total bet may range anywhere from 0.01 credit to 62.50 credit, depending on the number of lines that are activated and the coin value that is selected for the single coin that is played on each line.

Once again, go to the settings menu, and look for the I button there. The payout schedule may be seen in this section. When you open it, you’ll be greeted by the lion king, the game’s wild symbol, which can only be found on the three middle reels. The open safari vehicle, which is the scatter, will then be shown to you. If you get a five-of-a-kind combination, you will win a reward that is equal to 250 times your original wager. After that, you will see the hippopotamus that is wearing a duckling on its head. This is another another symbol that has been spread throughout that will activate a later function, and then the binoculars will activate yet another feature. You then come across the animal that looks the most ridiculous, an elephant, which awards you 5,000 coins if it completes the highest combination. The following animal, the rhino, will provide you 2,000 coins, and then the giraffe and the crocodile, each of which will give you 500 coins. For the finest combination, you will get 100 coins from the meerkat, 200 coins from the zebra and the ostrich, 150 coins from the hyena and the monkey carrying a banana, and lastly, 100 coins from the meerkat.

The speaker and autospin buttons are the final two buttons that appear when you access the options menu. The first one enables or disables the noises that are included in the game, while the second one lets you set up to one hundred autospins and play them automatically.

Free Games and Features Based on the Super Safari

If you are missing a symbol necessary to complete a winning combination, the lion wild, which appears only on the middle reel, may stand in for any of the other symbols. However, it will not be able to take the place of the lost automobile, hippopotamus, or binoculars. In the event that three wilds arrive at the same time, though, you will be awarded three king of the jungle respins. When this occurs, the middle reels will morph into an extended wild, so increasing your chances of scoring substantial prizes.

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